Monday, August 25, 2008

Nicknames - AS WE know them....

We have taken pride in the fact that we have great nicknames for all of the Nascar, some of them are different variations of already given nicknames - we have taken them to another level. I might also add- that some of these names, we heard from our friends...they know who they are, and they know they get the credit. Lets go down the list....

#01 - Regan Smith - Reegs
#1 - Martin Truex Jr - "Martin Truex Jr"
#1 -Crew Chief - Kevin Manion - Bonseypoops or BP
#1- PR Manager- Blair Minton - Tits Mcgee or Tool Mittens
#1- Coach driver - Ed Tuna Susan - TOOONCES THE TOOLSEY CAT!!!
#1- Mechanic- Clark Rupp - Doodle
and I can go on and on here- Sammy Strips alot, Will Rocks alot, Gary Stares a lot...or Starey, Joey the Wingmaster, SweetJim, you get the idea...yes, We love our #1 crew. OK????

#5 - Casey Mears - Casey McMears
#6- David Ragan - The OTHER Regan Smith ...or David Regan Smith
#07- Clint Bowyer - Clyde Bowser
#7-Robby Gordon - Crash Gordon
#9- Kasey Khane - KATIE Khane
#16 - Greg Biffle - THE BIFF
#18 - Kyle Busch- Kryle Busch aka Dumbo aka Moron aka Peewee aka i can go on for hours here...
#20- Tony Stewart - Tonybear - hes so hairy and luvable!!! we love the Tony!!
#22 - Dave Blaney - Fuckin Jagerbombs. Has NOTHING to do with Dave Blaney at all. Thank Tommy Baldwin for that one.
#24 - Jeff Gordon- kinda lame, but he is just Jeffy to us.
#26 - Jaime McMurray - , Jamie McMears, Jamie MACCCCmurry
#28 - Travis Kvapil- Travis KAAVVVVAAA-PLE
#29- Kevin Harvick - Mr. Delana
#40 - Dario Franchitti- DARIO Speedwagon. (not ours, but so amazingly brilliant)
#42 - Juan Pablo Montoya- Juan Problem, or John Paul Montana
#45 - Kyle Petty - Our Stalker
#48- Jimmie Johnson- OMG CHAD KNAUS!!
#55 - Michael Waltrip - Mikey Wallacetrip
#83 - Brian Vickers- HABV. If you dont know what the HA dont need to :)
#84- Aj Allmendinger - The Dinger
#88 - Dale Jr. Ok we can go on for hours about the nicknames. We personally, refer to him, as our Juney.
#99- Carl Edwards - hmm Megan gets to start here: Hottie Mchotterton, Ally says: Teeth Magillacutty, or Chicklets. Now as of late, we have Mr Ed...and Cousin Carl and Concrete Carl and Carls Jr (damn they have great burgers!) and Carly Simon (who also looks like a horse type person) and so on and so on....

some others of note:

Joey Logano - My little Pony, Joey Nangano
Kenny Wallace- Kenny Wallcetrip
Rusty Wallace - Rusty Wallacetrip
Dale Jarrett - DJ aka slalslslslslsaallalalalalalalalalalxolaalallaalal - oh heavens to betsy.
Larry McReynolds - Larry MAC or TIIIN
Slugger Labbe- Clubber Labbe Bitches
Tommy Baldwin Jr.- Fuckin Jager Baaams

I think that wraps up this evenings lesson in Nascar nicknames. There will be MANY more to come, and never again will we let Kryle Busch ONE UP us on coming up with a good nickname. Dammit.


Adam said...

Gotta add a new one to Carl Edwards now: BFF Carl. (Credit: Kyle Busch)

Me said...

I like to refer to Kyle as Kayla. Or whiney baby. Whatever fits.