Monday, September 15, 2008

Way to Go Bono!!!!

Finally the nation is catching on to what we have known forever! Our very own Kevin Bono Manion is a PROBLEM SOLVER! Like Nascar's version of Einstein... please read below on the very prestigious award he received on Sunday in New Hampshire.

Truex's crew chief wins Problem Solver award

Kevin Manion, crew chief on the Dale Earnhardt Inc. #1 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Chevrolet driven by Martin Truex Jr. in the Sylvania 300 wins the Moog Problem Solver of the Race award.

The award is presented to the crew chief whose team finishes in the top 10 and posts the largest increase in average lap speed (-.734 sec) from the first half to second half of a race. Truex moved up two spots to 15th in the 2008 Sprint Cup point standings after his 7th place finish in Sunday's race at the New Hampshire Motor

Here he is below explaining to Martn Einstein's Law of Relativity....

Congrats Bono!!!

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Ally said...

Poor Marty poops looks so confused...I hope Bonsey broke it down for him. Its very HARDHARDHARD to understand.