Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Its Just Dega...."

Those were the words from Bono, "It's Just Dega". GOD what a freakin mess of a race today!?!?! Martin had a great car- Top 10 all day- even taking the lead at times.....then THE TIRES. Brian Vickers blew a front right tire, and just wiped out our Martin Truex Jr. Bad and Hard. I think they said he took a total of 5 hits. OUCH. He went high, hit the wall, got spun by multiple cars 3 more times, then hit the lower wall- HARD. They came back from commercial, and I just saw that black chevy hitting the lower wall and I immediately jumped up from my coma and was like "OH F**K"- the scanner was on delay on the computer, so the wreck had not happened yet...then I hear Joey going "Are you ok?, Martin talk to us" and it was silent. SILENT. The TV had flashed to some of the other cars...then I saw Martin out of the car, and he was pissssssssssed. Tore off his tear sheet, took his helmet off and threw it in the was bad- then they showed him walking by himself, just rubbing his hands over his head....It just SUCKED.

The girls were there, and I am sure they will talk about it first hand, cause I know they were by the Bass Pro pits when it happened. What a freakin mess.

Then- 5 to go. Our Reegs is running 2nd...I cant even write about the ending to that race. If you saw it, you know. REGAN WON THE RACE. REGAN WON THE RACE. But of course cause he got pushed under the yellow line for the pass....he got F**ked. So, no, TONY actually won the race. Probably one of the most controversial finishes all year. Poor Reegs. He really did win that race.

Have a beer for me Regan. You too Martin.

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