Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is happening to TV?

I found out today that Prison Break is being canceled. I avidly watched this show every Monday night. This means no more Michael (Wentworth Miller), who is the reason I got hooked on the show! Yet, this news doesn’t come as a shock to me. Sometime before Christmas, I was on the phone w/ a friend and we were discussing how the show needs to end before it gets stupid. How much more could they possibly put these guys through? I am still saddened by this addition to the shows I watch getting the ax in 2009.

A few weeks ago, I took 2 blows by finding out that Dirty Sexy Money and Lipstick Jungle are being canceled. While these are both fairly new shows, they may be 2 of the best ones on TV right now.

I just started watching Dirty Sexy Money this season and I was instantly addicted. It has a genius cast and an always surprising “oh no he/she didn’t” story plot. Why ABC would cancel this show is beyond me. It is truly a guilty pleasure show.

I read the book Lipstick Jungle a few years ago and when I heard word that it was turning into a Network series, I was excited and couldn’t wait. It quickly turned into my favorite show on TV. Then right before Halloween, they moved the show from Wednesday to Friday night. Friday is dooms day for any TV show. A few weeks later, I heard the news…..NBC was not picking it up for 2009. WHAT!! No more hot and steamy scenes with Kirby (Robert Buckley)?! To add salt to the wound, NBC resigned Kath and Kim (that horrific show with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair) which had lower ratings than Lipstick Jungle. This is so not right.

So, are we being taken over by reality TV? If they cancel Lost after this season, the gloves are coming off.

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