Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The best of Daytona 500 commercials

Lets face it, one of the best parts of watching the Super Bowl is to see the latest and greatest commercials. So, it would be a given that the "Super Bowl of racing", The Daytona 500, has to come to the plate with great commercials to start off the 2009 season. Since we weren't in front of a television for the 500, I searched youtube for Nascar commercials and came up with this review from showing the best 500 commercials.

Once again, Kasey Kahne and Carl Edwards have the best commercials. One that was missing that I saw all through Speedweeks?? Tony Stewarts Old Spice Swagger, which can be seen here.
Do you have a favorite Nascar commercial? Mine is Kasey Kahnes Sponsorship ad. I still laugh everytime I see it.

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DaleJarrett4Ever said...

You have to admit that the Aflac commericals with Carl Edwards and that duck were just priceless. Ooops, can't use priceless, that would be infringing on the MasterCard people...LOL