Friday, March 27, 2009

A clock that stands the test of time...

We didnt want to get into Martinsville without making mention of its trophy and the story behind it. Forty five years ago, H. Clay Earles, founder of Martinsville Speedway decided that his tracks tropy would be like any other. So starts the tradition of the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Trophy which is awarded to the winner of Sunday's race. Ridgeway grandfather clocks are America's oldest grandfather clock manufacture. A little trivia: Richard Petty leads the pack with the most clocks, and Jeff Gordon hold the record among current drivers. Jeffy stands a good chance as the pollsitter to keep this title for this weeks race. If you need a recap for other trophies, both good and bad-check that out here

Arent you happy Flava Flav didnt start this tradition?

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