Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tune Up Tuesday-Kenny Chesney Greatest Hits II

Megan would hunt me down and beat me if I didn't include this in our Tune Up Tuesday. Even though I sold country radio for about 10 years, I will admit to you that its not my favorite format. But I do love some Kenny Chesney! How can you not? He is adorable and talented and has songs that you can sing along to..reminds me of being out on the boat during the summer. This has one brand new single "Out Last Night" and songs you know and love such as "When the Sun Goes Down" and "No Shirt No Shoes No Problem". It also has my favorite song "Beer in Mexico" which was the theme for the latest commercial for Corona. The making of video, courtesy of You Tube is fantastic.

Kenny Chesney will bring this tour to a city near you this summer.
Other Tune Ups of interest include Eminem and Iron and Wine (my trust me pick of the week).


Megan said...

I reworked the lyrics to "When the Sun Goes Down"....
Cuz when the sun COMES OUT, we'll be groovin When the sun COMES OUT, be feelin alright.

I would really love a cold drink chillin in my right hand.

This monsoon sucks!

Lap of Luxury Clothing said...

We agree....it is so gloomy here! Go away rain! We will put on some Kenny in the office and picture ourselves on the beach or lake today!!