Friday, June 19, 2009

BIFFLE/STEWART RAFFLE ENDS $11,914 Raised to Buy K9 Vests

We first reported on the Charity Splits raffle here. Soon several K9 officers will receive bullet-and-knife-resistant vests thanks to the partnership of Greg Biffle and Tony Stewart. The two NASCAR drivers joined Susie Jean, a philanthropist appropriately nicknamed “Dog’s Vest Friend” and founder of Vest ‘N P.D.P, to help in her efforts of providing vests to all K9 officers. A Charity Splits raffle was held from April 30, 2009 through June 14, 2009. Fans paid $10 for a raffle ticket, giving them the chance to win 25% of the proceeds. Holly Hock from Ohio was announced the winner on Sunday, and she took home $5,470. Vest ‘N P.D.P received $11,914.

Supporting Vest ‘N P.D.P. is not new to Tony Stewart. Last year the Tony Stewart Foundation awarded a grant to Vest ‘N P.D.P. in order to provide forty bullet-and-knife-resistant vests to all K9 officers in Indiana as well as ten other dogs in other states. Greg Biffle and the Greg Biffle Foundation were very excited to partner with Stewart this year, and to get NASCAR fans involved and aware. “The more people know about the need to protect K9 officers, the more support these dogs will receive. Our Foundation is proud to be a part of the push to keep K9 officers safe,” said Biffle.

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