Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Photos

I am the worlds worst picture uploader. I finally got pics from the 500 and Mike Skinners Round Up off of my camera. Although most of the great ones were already posted by Dar or Ally, we wanted to share a few that only I had with you!
Ally, Megan, Chip Ganassi & Darlynn

Darlynn, Boris Said & Megan

Megan, Mike Helton & Darlynn

Darlynn and her hero AJ Foyt


Darlynn said...

a small story with the aj foyt picture....i am NOTORIOUS for never knowing who anyone is...because, a. i am blind and b.not good at processing when someone is near me, until its too late!
approx 25 minutes after meeting tom cruise, we were walking back to the bass pro hauler to tell the kids of our amazing feat of meeting the Maverick...and I looked up and made a BEELINE for Mr Foyt. I saw him from a million miles away! Thank God Megan had the foresight to take the picture of me babbling like vomit about how he is my favorite and its because of him that I even know anything about NASCAR blah blah hahah! Good times, looking forward to July!

Ally said...

Yes that was pretty funny. We were all in La-dee-da land after our Maverick encounter, and all of a sudden Darlynn goes- WHOOOP! and disappears..She had indeed spotted AJ Foyt and since Megan still had the camera in hand, she was able to snap that shot! That was SO great!!!