Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy "Speed" Racer!

OK Kids, what have we learned this month? According to Jeremy Mayfield & his lawyer, a double dosage of Claritin-D, Adderall-XR and inhaling fiery fumes from a wreck in Talladega = testing positive for methamphetamine?? I don't think so.

Both NASCAR and Mayfield are under a Gag order so we will not be hearing anything directly from them. We previously posted a politically correct article on Jeremy's drug charges here. If you check out the comments, we were scolded by a passionate race fan who said "All I'm saying is let's not jump to the conclusion that it was weed or cocaine or heroin. Let's not make Jeremy out to be a bad guy until we know all of the facts.". Although we never pointed our fingers in accusation, this charge takes it to a whole new level.

I have to add, it disgusts me that someone would not only jeopardize their life, but the lives of the other 42 drivers on the track. Although he probably wasn't high while racing, this drug takes complete control over your life. I applaud NASCAR for their strict drug policy.

You can view the NASCAR Drug Policy here.

So boys and girls....what are you thoughts on this? Is it a mix of Claritin-D, Adderall-XR and inhaling Talladega fiery fumes? Or is the boy guilty as charged? You already know what we think.


Syd said...

I'm calling BS on Mayfield's excuse. I wanted to believe the best, but it looks bad.

Didn't his crew chief, or somebody else in his employ test positive too? Are we supposed to believe they were taking the same meds?

mrsparks said...

Why does it have to be a Toyota driver that's in this mess? Jeremy you are hereby disowned along with Michael Waltrip.

Ovalscream said...

Isn't pseuedoephedrine -- the stuff used in Claritin -- also used to brew up meth? I wonder if meth tests as meth per se or a combination of the drugs used to brew it. if so, someone who took Claritin might test positive for meth. But I do like the racier story ... amphetamines and smart drugs and something for the snot, oh my!!!

Ovalscream (again) said...

If you're really interested in the science behind the drug test: