Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NASCAR blogging

So, what happens when a Fashionista spends 5 days in Vegas? The mind goes blank, then it goes a bit crazy. While a few hours ago, I had writers block, now it is the opposite.

I came across something last night that our buddy @ The Daly Planet posted. It is a great article about a certain selection of NASCAR Bloggers who will get press passes for races. I have to say, I have mixed emotions about this.

We have had MANY years of Hard Cards and Hot Passes between us. I have personally been to over 50 races and this is what caused us to create NASCAR Fashionistas. We started it at a whim last summer and Darlynn and I have turned it into Racing Fashionistas.

So I must ask myself....what is going to happen??? Maybe we will be one of the lucky few to become part of NASCAR's new campaign. Part of me pats them on the back. I love the fact that they see the importance of Social Networking. The other part of me wants to run screaming.

When we started this, we made a tight circle of true friends (whom we have never met face to face, lol). Then, there are our "frenemies"-those who try to make a name off our name, those who copy everything we have worked so hard to create; who are always 10 steps behind us. Let's get one thing straight, copying may be seen as a compliment to some- but stealing one's creative work is a stab in the heart.

As I said above, the one thing that sets us apart is our inside access. If this is available to the "others", what happens then? Will we lose our touch? Will we get lost in the shuffle?

I would love to hear our readers thoughts on this. Again, I love that NASCAR is opening it up to others. I think as long as it is done correctly, it can be super successful. Darlynn and I own a social marketing company so maybe they will bring us on as correspondents??? Hey, we DO live in Daytona Beach....just saying NASCAR! We look forward to hearing from you :)


Sarah said...

Ladies, you put the ISTA in fashionista! Anyone who has been a fan of your website knows the difference between you and the imposters. I look forward to hearing your play by play for the 400 and if you need a guest reporter...let me know!

Anonymous said...

Actually stealing one's intelectual work is a sab in the back by a cowardly thief.

I don't know what you are worried about you have been to races and you ladies know your way around hte tacks and people. THis is a chance to put your name in lights and on cars.

Think of it as free advertising. Go for it.

Gary (AKA Safety012)

Hanako66 said...

just found your cute! great to see other female race fans out there!!!

RaceGirl00007 said...

Like you said, this has the potential to be both the smartest and th dumbest thing NASCAR has ever done. Good for them for noting the importance of social media (yay Twitter!) but, really, based on some primarily-blogging reporters who already have press creds, I worry it's going to take all of the credibility away from the actual journalists.

;) Although if it gave ME creds, I know I wouldn't complain. Ha :)


Donna said...

I have to agree that I have mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, I think it's awesome and will bring NASCAR to a whole new population of folks. But on the other hand I worry that it will attract folks who are not really serious about the sport and make a joke of the whole experience.