Thursday, June 11, 2009

This will be the best race start ever!

Bob Ritchie will be the Grand Marshall this week. Bob, better known to you and me as Kid Rock will honor his home state and will deliver the four most famous words in racing. I am telling you-you are in for a treat!The fashionistas are huge fans, have met him a gazillion times, and remembers when his band was just starting out in the 90's. I will tell you-he is as nice today as he was when they first played in 99 in Daytona. Kid Rock has been part of our friendship for quite some time. Who scores front row tickets to Aerosmith and only goes for the opener (Kid Rock)? Ally, by far the hugest fan of the three, was at a loss for words when we first met and greeted him. The stone theory, as we like to call it happens to each of us with a certain driver but it gets Ally every time with this Detroit native.
Lets hope with Kid Rock's presence-it brings his buddy Dale Jr. some luck. Check out a great video that Kid Rock did last year for the National Guard.

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Megan said...

Omg the kid concert. How drunk were we?? Did we even stay for aerosmith? That is one of my favorite stories ever.