Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tune Up Tuesday, Tonic-A Casual Affair The Best of Tonic

This feature is just turning into one shameless indulgence after another, I am afraid! This week, my dearest friends in the business are releasing a bittersweet greatest hits album. Bittersweet, because this for once, is not a desperate attempt to throw together an album just to make a buck. After 13 years (I just cant believe its been that long) since the their successful first album they have put out a retrospective of their greatest hits. Coinciding with a small break, individual success, and regrouping with a summer tour enjoy some indulgences that you know and love and a couple of acoustic and live cuts never been heard before. If I have to make you listen to one track, I am sorry that I cant do it. I will mention, I am glad that Soldiers Daughter made the cut...not known for its radio success but it gives me goosebumps and teary eyes every time I hear it. Buy it like I am this morning, from Amazon here.

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