Friday, July 31, 2009

Carl Edwards to appear on The Bill Engvall Show this weekend.

AHEM.....Ok all you Carl Edwards fans....boy wonder is appearing on The Bill Engvall Show this Saturday, August 1 at 9pm. Here is a clip of the show along with an interview between Carl and Matt Yocum.

Here is what Carl's website has to say about the show:

Bill tries to re-create his best dating memories with Susan in an all-new episode of TBS's hit comedy THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW, followed by a special encore episode.
When Susan tells Bill she misses the excitement of young love, he decides to revive that feeling by recreating the best moments from their dating days. NASCAR driver Carl Edwards co-stars as a club manager who gets into a run-in with the couple when they attempt to get past the velvet rope. Meanwhile, Lauren and Trent have to babysit Bryan, but they each have dates to go see a movie. The only solution is to take him to the movies as well, which is a great plan until Bryan disappears.

This girls Tivo is already set to record the show! I love nothing more than Carl in prime time television :)

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