Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Danica Patrick to Stewart Haas??

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the names Danica Patrick & Tony Stewart? Two drivers with really hot tempers. Could you imagine them on the same team? Yesterday afternoon, Danica paid a visit to the Stewart-Haas shop in Concord NC. According to sources, she was introduced to Ryan Newman, crew chief Tony Gibson, GM Bobby Hutchens and engineer Matt Borland.

I am not sure what to think about the hype talk of Danica Patrick coming over to NASCAR. I love the thought of bringing a female into the Sprint Cup Series but for Danica to come straight into the big leagues without learning the ropes and earning the stripes is not the way to go. Sure, Danica has the name and the sponsors to make any NASCAR team owner happy....but open wheel is no where the same as NASCAR and it will take her a while to find success.

"Danica, I think she's got the talent and everything, but I don't think she knows what she's getting into" Said Juan Pablo Montoya who is in his third season at NSCS after leaving the Open Wheel.

The move from open-wheel to stock cars is difficult, even for the best drivers. Just look at Dario Franchitti who only made it through 10 races in the Sprint Cup. The stock car is completely different than the grip-heavy car that Danica is piloting now and you can read Montoyas explanation on that here.

If she does make the move, it could take place this season. The 2009 IndyCar Series season ends on Oct. 10 and Danica could attempt to qualify for NSCS races, beginning Oct. 17 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. I wonder who her first driver confrontation will be? You know she is going to go after the first guy who puts her into the wall.


Syd said...

My feelings are so mixed on the idea, I don't know what I think. But, if she does come, Stewart Haas is where I'd like to see her.

I'm so anxious for Nascar to have a female or black driver. (I know I'm supposed to say "minority", but I want to see some black folks in the stands) Just not sure if Danica is the right woman.

Phoenyx said...

Could be that Danica just wanted a tour of the facilities... you never know.

I have mixed feelings about bringing Danica into NASCAR. Sure, she's got the fame and sponsor backing... but is that necessarily a good thing?

Montoya nailed it. She really has no idea what she's in for should she go the stock car route. Different beast from what they're driving over there. If she REALLY wanted to go over to NASCAR, the smart thing would be to run some ARCA and NNS level races, possibly some Truck as well. Diving straight to the Big League could spell disaster.

I too would LOVE to see a woman get into the NASCAR Cup Series, and succeed. Is Danica the woman for the job? Maybe. But there's a lot of other, untapped talent out there, or talent that just hasn't been given that shot yet.

cricket_ann said...

I would love to see a female driver come to the Sprint Cup series. However I don't think she should be allowed to jump right in.

I think she should have to earn her right to drive with the Big Dogs of NASCAR. If she is as good as every believes she is... then it won't take her long to earn/race her way to the Sprint Cup series.

princesssusieq said...

Personally I don't think she would be willing to start in the lower tier levels. So if she does well her first year in Cup, great. But if not, she will have done herself more damage than she will have bargained for. And I wonder how all the drivers feel about her coming over.

Allyson said...

I love Tony but I really don't think that Danica belongs in NASCAR -- at least at the Sprint cup level. I'd love to see her on the Nationwide, let her earn her stripes.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe she belongs in Sprint Cup, especially without driving NW or Trucks first. I think she's got lots to prove still as a Indy driver. Not interested in seeing her in Nascar.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me ' get real she has no chance at all in nasscar'going from open wheel to 200 miles an hour banging tony stewart kyle busch style' give me a break,after 2 races she would be crying for her mommy.

Anonymous said...

Danica needs to stay right where she is.