Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Happy Hour, Windy City Style

The Fashionistas have had far far far too many experiences with this weeks happy hour cocktail of choice....The Mind Eraser. We like to mix things up a bit so our recipe is different from the stationary one. If you find yourself at a bar asking for this cocktail, make sure you ask for vanilla vodka. Also, please make sure there is another person sharing this with you, as we take no responsibility for your actions later this evening. You can follow along with Happy Hour here.

Fashionistas Mind Eraser
Vanilla Vodka (we prefer Grey Goose La Vanille)
Soda Water

In a Pint glass with ice, layer equal portions in this order: Kahlua; Vodka; Soda water. Then float a very small layer of chambord on top.

Put at least 2 straws in, and chug until it is gone with a partner. If it isn't empty, don't stop.

Cheers to the boys in the Windy City.

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