Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vickers my kind of town, Chicago is...

Hello Red Bull, are you paying attention? One of your drivers is more consistent than Kryle reevaluating his karma after every race! Once again, Brian Vickers takes the pole for today's race! Must be all the luck and love from the Fashionistas last weekend! With fellow Red Buller Speed right behind him, Johnson, Hamlin, and Bowyer round out the top five. Awesome Bill Elliot will be running in this race on a provisional, qualifying in the 8th position. The rest of the line up is here, as you know I dont know how to make it pretty like Megan and its six in the morning!
And in other news, Jimmy Fallon will be the grand marshal for this weeks race! Host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he will also drive the pace car. Jessie James, who just got off tour with the Jonas Brothers will sing the National Anthem!

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galaxiecarol said...

great photos! Jimmy Fallon is twittering from the race and adding some good photos. Wish I was there.