Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why are we in Pocono again?

Im just wondering if anyone has a logical explanation or if anyone thinks that its terribly strange that there has only been 65 days since the last time we were in The Tricky Triangle. I am sure routing has something to do with it, especially since we say this in Daytona 500,000 times that we wish the race in July could be in a cooler month. I am just wondering if there is a better explanation. That poor track! A. It gets hit over the head twice in a two month span and B. they are bored as hay all year round.

Entry List for this weeks race in here, thanks to Jayski whose new layout Im loving! Mark Martin is on fire, maybe he will cross Pocono off the list of tracks he has never won at...further screwing my fantasy league.

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Phoenyx said...

Normally I dread the fact that there are two Pocono races at all, much less so close to each other. I have to admit that June was a much more exciting race than previous years.

Hopefully this weekend will be the same.