Thursday, August 27, 2009

Although you would never catch us in Wranglers.....

If you follow our blog, you should know by now that we're on top of anything to do with NASCAR and fashion. Especially if it has our third favorite word in there, football! Although we Fashionistas prefer William Rast to Wranglers, we are bringing you this Football/NASCAR/fashion discussion directly from the ESPN Water Cooler. I must add, I can not believe Colin Cowherd compared Brett Favre to Lindsay Lohan. I can't stop laughing over that comment.

Cowherd Calls out Favre: He Can’t Rock the Wranglers like Dale Jr.

On Wednesday’s edition of SportsNation (weekdays, 4-5 p.m. ET, ESPN2), co-host Colin Cowherd was surprisingly passionate in his argument that newly anointed Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre has lost the luster that formerly made him synonymous with Wrangler Jeans.

SportsNation debated who is the better pitchman for Wrangler: Favre or NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr.

So passionate was Cowherd’s case (and impersonation of a whining celebrity), he went so far as to say that Favre is a former everyman and now more like Lindsay Lohan, unable to pick a side.

“Dale’s tough. Dale’s a guy’s guy,” he said. “Dale’s not a flippy, floppy guy. Brett Favre used to be everyman — he has literally turned off football fans.”

To Colin’s dismay, sports fans do not agree. SportsNation (and co-host Michelle Beadle) voted for Favre as the better Wrangler pitchman, 64% to Dale Jr.’s 36%. In the end, Colin attempted to show off his own appeal as a Wrangler man. View the segment of the show here:

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