Monday, August 31, 2009

Our favorite weekend of the year!

After having last week off, the boys will be returning to Atlanta this weekend. Next week the Chase for the Sprint Cup starts in Richmond and NASCAR will be moved to ABC. I feel like I am forgetting something? Oh yes, this Labor Day weekend also kicks off College Football Season!!

This weekend will consist of boating, College Football, NASCAR & cookouts. Could life get any better? Oh it team is #1 in the Country. I am personally ecstatic about this season being I am a die hard Florida Gator fan. If you have watched ESPN over the past few weeks, I am sure you have heard the name Tim Tebow enough times to make your ears bleed. I am sure when Darlynn, the fellow fashionista reads this, she is going to roll her eyes being she is a die hard Florida State Seminole. It makes life interesting for us when they play!

I am sure you are wondering what exactly my college football rambling has to do with NASCAR? It doesn't..... Just an excuse to write about Tebow and my excitement for the season approaching us. I also thought I would share this picture I found on the internet of Jimmie Johnson and Tim Tebow (which may have to be my new background).

Chandra, I look at Tebow the same way.....

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