Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busch brothers, poor Jimmie and a million dollars...hello Texas!

As we have mentioned a few times, we have been slightly out of the circuit for the past month or so with this blog. Between moving, traveling and my brother getting married, things have been slightly disarray. Anywho, wait...Did I really just watched Kurt Busch car surf on his victory lap? Didn't he learn anything from Jimmie Johnson golf cart surfing escapade? Sorry for the sidetrack.

Jimmie Johnson's early crash tightened the chase and brought a little more excitement back to this sport (and totally screwed up my fantasy league). Don't get me wrong, I adore Jimmie and Chad. I think they are a fantastic team. But lordy mae, I have been to the last 3 Homestead races and I can't bear to watch them get another trophy in two weeks. As of the end of today's race, the difference between first and second place is a mere 73 points. Will our hometown Daytona Beach favorite, Mark Martin finally get the trophy he has sought after for all these years??

This race was all about the Busch Brothers. Kyle Busch lead 232 laps and ran out of gas last minute. He was so close to getting a triple in Texas and that gas oops handed his Big Brother his first win in Texas. I must state, I watched this race with some bitterness. I adore Steve Addington and was not happy with the fact he was replaced as Kyles Crew Chief. I can honestly say that I pouted when Kyle lead all those laps. But it leaves one to ponder....would Steve allow Kyle to run out of gas on the final laps???

So, Dickies did this promo called the 2009 Dickies American Worker of the Year. An agricultural teacher and horse teacher by the name of Michael McGee from Broken Bow, Oklahoma ended up becoming the finalist of this competition which allowed him to randomly select one of the twelve drivers in the chase to win. If his selected driver won, he would instantly become a millionaire.
Michael McGee and Richard Childress

And his driver was? Drum roll please........Kurt Busch. Wow, talk about the luck there! I feel like playing the power ball this week!

There are only two races left in the season boys and girls. After JJ's bad luck today, do you think he will still walk away with his forth (yawn) trophy? As a Daytona girl and someone who has a soft spot in her heart for Mark Martin (via the Ginn Racing days), I truly hope not. I will be in Homestead, cheering Mark on and hope to make history watching him clench his title.

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Canada Guy said...

NASCAR is the perfect symbol of our cheerful self destruction. While global warming is getting worse, and pressure is growing for our leaders to reach a strong agreement in Copenhagen, millions of fans are cheering this extravagantly wasteful "sport".