Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Happy Hour

We're bringing you a Mango Mojito today for Happy Hour. This awesome drink is a little difficult to make but totally worth the hassle. You can follow along with Happy Hour here!


6 to 8 fresh mint leaves
1 oz. Cruzan Mango Rum
2 oz. mango puree
1/4 cup lime flavored sparkling water or Club Soda


Drop the mint leaves into the bottom of a glass and cover with 2 ounce of rum. Let it sit for 1 minute.

Using a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon, coarsely muddle the mint leaves so that they are broken into large pieces.

Add 1 ounce mango puree and stir.

Drop 3 to 4 ice cubes into the glass, then top with lime sparkling water or club soda.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

Just waiting for the dust to settle. We also remember Michael Jackson, who was also taken from us yesterday. There has been many wonderful nights we have spent with your music in the background. We hope that world turns down the chatter and turns up the music and pays proper respect to you.
The Fashionistas

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Farrah

We understand that the untimely death of Michael Jackson may take precedence over this, but we feel compelled to pay homage to the original Fashionista. Farrah, you made it look easy. RIP.
The Fashionistas

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look out Digger, meet Milo the Moose...

Here is a sigh of relief for those who miss Digger as NASCAR heads to Louden New Hampshire this weekend. Yes, I said it..."those who miss Digger" will find comfort by the sighting of New Hampshire Motor Speedways NEW mascot, Milo the Moose.

Milo, whose legal name is Mile Oval Moose, has already been spotted around town with drivers, such as Jeff Burton. Maybe Milo will be the next Digger? We welcome Milo to the NASCAR family, as long as he doesn't get a cartoon, bring other Moose friends or interrupt the race by crawling across the screen. Now, how did Milo get his hands on Kyle Buschs sunglasses?

Photo: Dick & Peg White

According to an article about General Manager Jerry Gapens "Milo is the track's new mascot. He is a friendly moose, the friendliest moose since Bullwinkle. We did an American Idol-style casting call for someone to play the part of Milo and I was a judge. The moose will drive around the facility on a four-wheeler but he doesn't have a speaking role."

According to a NHMS press release issued earlier this month: New Hampshire Motor Speedway is searching for the next great talent to be the first mascot for the largest sports and entertainment complex in New England. The lucky winner will perform in front of over 105,000 NASCAR fans twice a year, represent the speedway at numerous civic functions, and be a part of the world of major league mascots. "There is a star out there waiting to be discovered, and we are going to find that person," said Jerry Gappens, executive vice president and general manger of New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "There will be no 'textgate' at this casting call! Our judging panel will make the right choice, guaranteed!"

If any of our readers find themselves at Louden this weekend, please find Milo and get a picture with him. We will post your photos on our site!

Happy Birthday Bono!

We wanted to wish our other favorite Crew Chief, Kevin "Bono" Manion a very Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tune Up Tuesday, Tonic-A Casual Affair The Best of Tonic

This feature is just turning into one shameless indulgence after another, I am afraid! This week, my dearest friends in the business are releasing a bittersweet greatest hits album. Bittersweet, because this for once, is not a desperate attempt to throw together an album just to make a buck. After 13 years (I just cant believe its been that long) since the their successful first album they have put out a retrospective of their greatest hits. Coinciding with a small break, individual success, and regrouping with a summer tour enjoy some indulgences that you know and love and a couple of acoustic and live cuts never been heard before. If I have to make you listen to one track, I am sorry that I cant do it. I will mention, I am glad that Soldiers Daughter made the cut...not known for its radio success but it gives me goosebumps and teary eyes every time I hear it. Buy it like I am this morning, from Amazon here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Runway Monday

In honor of it hitting 100 degrees today..a bathing suit edition of Runway....

What we are lusting over

Fendi Push Up Bikini from Neiman Marcus $346.00

What makes us savy, sexy and sane

Target Black Bikini from each piece $12.58

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Confused about the new restart rules??

Thanks to Scene Daily

NASCAR’s Robin Pemberton explains new restart rules:
NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton gave an explanation Friday of the new double-file restart rules. Here are excerpts of the conversation with the media and his answers to some questions ask.
SD: What is the procedure for double-file restarts?
Pemberton: “When the caution comes out, the field will be frozen as it is today. The free-pass car will be identified as it is today and it will be the same format. As the cars are gathered behind the pace car, the pit road is opened for leaders, the second time by it will be open for the lap-down cars, and that is how it is today. And when we come to the one [lap]-to-go [until the green drops], the cars that have elected not to pit that are lap-down cars that will be in front of the lead-lap cars that have pitted, will be waved around to join the field at the tail end. The lineup will be on the double-file restart, lead-lap cars to the front, lap-down cars, … then it will be the free-pass car, then it will be the cars that have been waved around and then it will be the penalty cars.
SD: If a guy on the lead lap opts not to pit, he’s the leader?
Pemberton: Correct. Still P1 [the leader].
SD: Is there an option for the lead car to select which lane?
Pemberton: When we give the 1-to-go, the leader throughout the entire race will get lane choice, high or low. He has to make that choice when we come to the 1-to-go at the stripe. One other thing we have added is the free pass will take place from start to finish throughout the entire race.
SD: If a car on the lead lap pits a second time with the lap-down cars, does he restart with the lap-down cars?
Pemberton: He will start in his respective track position how he came off of pit road. If you have a lead-lap car who makes multiple pit stops to work on his car, he is not in that lead-lap group that pitted that first-time by. He’ll be scored where he comes off pit road [with lapped cars]
SD: The lap-down cars that don’t pit and the get the wave around the leader, do they get to come all the way around to rear of the field?
Pemberton: That’s correct but they will not be able to hit pit road for tires and fuel. Pit road won’t be closed but they will forfeit their wave-around status if they hit pit road for tires and fuel.
SD: At tracks like Martinsville and Bristol and you’re waiting for the 1-to-go, are you anticipating that the wave around could be hard to be completed?
Pemberton: There could be issues. Every track has its different set of challenges. We’ll have to address those when we get to them. The whole field will be double file so they won’t be as strung out.
SD: If multiple lead-lap cars stay out, do the lap-down cars that don’t pit still get waved around?
Pemberton: The only way you can be waved around is if you are between the leader and the pace car. As pit stops take place, you need to be in front of the lead-lap cars. You get waved around regardless if you’re one or two or three laps down [or more].
SD: Are you going to use double-file restarts throughout the race for every race?
Pemberton: Yes.
SD: It was said that Trucks and Nationwide will use it later this year? Any timetable?
Pemberton: It’s just later. We need to work through some of these details here. We’ve got three races in three different states [this weekend]. We want to make sure we concentrate on this [in Cup] and get everything as right as we can.