Friday, December 11, 2009

Danica Mania!

In the middle of the 2009 Sprint Cup schedule, amidst all the Jeremy Mayfield drama, we reported the possibility of Danica Patrick making the move into NASCAR. Fast forward to 5 months later. The drama in the sporting world has moved from Mayfield to Tiger Woods and we are no longer guessing if and when Danica will make the move to NASCAR.

Starting next week at the Arca testing in Daytona, Danica will start her career working for JR Motorsports with Dale Earnhardt Jr. as her boss. She will race a limited schedule in the Nationwide Series behind the wheel of the #7 Chevrolet sponsored by with the horsepower of Hendrick Motorsports to support her. Oh, let's not forget to mention a crew chief by the name of Tony Eury, Jr. who was once Dale Jr's crew chief and is also his first cousin.While you would imagine that Danica and Dale Jr. met in a conventional way being they are two of the most well known racers in the world, it wasn't so. Danica and Dale Jr. first laid eyes on one another on the set of the Jay-Z video, 'Show me what you got'. It's hard to believe that this video was the first stepping stone to bring females into NASCAR.

There are a lot of different opinions regarding Danica making the move over. Being a NASCAR blog geared towards females, we couldn't be happier about this transition. NASCAR needs something different. The lack of ticket sales for the 2009 season was a joke. It's a bad sign when Daytona International Speedway closes the back stretch for the July race and still had open seats in the front stretch. I don't feel like researching it but I believe the only race that sold out last season was Bristol. Other than ticket issues, it seemed that all through the season, all things reported about NASCAR were negative. I am hoping that Danica gives us positive things to write about.

Let's just hope we don't see any of this on pit road. I just had a very bad vision of Tony Eury Jr. in a skirt and heels.