Saturday, January 9, 2010

#3 & 3rd times a charm for the Earnhardt family

Although one of our claim to fame is NASCAR gossip, we really don't like to hang around the water cooler of said favorite sport. But then, you come around a story that somehow slid past us for the past...uh.....year or so and bam, you realize you aren't so much in the loop!! Thanks to Answer This: Tall Glass of Milk (thank god your back), we found out Kelley Earnhardt got remarried during the off season. I must say, congrats to you girl you deserve happiness!

Here is the original story but you can also click here for photos and videos of her new hubby.

NASCAR fans got their first off season gossip shocker yesterday when 27-year-old Charlotte singer-songwriter Travis Powell, who's been dating Kelley Earnhardt for a few months, changed his relationship status on Facebook to "engaged." While there's been no public confirmation, Kelley was sporting a ring on that special finger at this morning's JR Motorsports press conference. The marriage would be the third for the eldest daughter of the late Dale Earnhardt, who himself was married three times.

Congrats to them.

Dale Earhnardt Jr. - Amy Reimann Meanwhile, Kelley's chronically bachelor-statused Dale Earnhardt Jr. shows no signs of acquainting himself with an altar, despite allegedly heading into his second off season with the same woman. Like most who have gone before her, his current female companion has gone publicly unacknowledged and has still managed to earn disapproval of his fans, primarily due to her questionable marital status.

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