Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the Cope Twins


Looking on today, we felt compelled to write about an article that Raygan Swan wrote about Derricke Cope's nieces The Cope Twins: Amber and Angela who will be coming soon to a track near you. Joining the ranks of up and coming women drivers, these girls are looking to get in the race (literally) provided they have some financial backing from potential sponsors as they intend to race in the Truck series this season. Dear Mr (or Mrs. thank you very much) Advertiser Sponsor, I dont care how bad the times are...please pay attention. This could definitely spark some brand name awareness for you. Here is hoping that the girls will garnish the attention from their driving skills and family legacy and not just their good looks, blonde hair and Paris Hilton similarities (see below). It looks like Kyle Busch may have competition for largest sunglasses in NASCAR. But we do love their Marilyn Monroe style firesuits! Thoughts??

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Marc said...

My question is what to hell happened to their hair? It wasn't too long ago they sported honey blond hair. Much better than the "Paris" look.

That said, it's good to see they may be finally getting a chance to race after finishing schooling, and for my money, getting left out in the cold for so long by uncle Derrike.

BTW according to the ARCA entry list only Amber is racing at Daytona, despite both testing last month Angela isn't entered.