Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dega, TMS & the BCS Championship Game

While lurking on the internet today and came accross a story on about tonight's BCS National Championship game. If you have been following the Fashionistas blog for a while, you are well aware as to how big of college football fans Darlynn and I are. I'm a die hard Florida Gator & bleed orange and blue so tonight's game is going to be a little hard for me needless to say. For SEC purposes only, I am going to bite the bullet and cheer for Bama (I just shuddered) but I will not have it in me to say "Roll Tide". Darlynn is a life long Seminole fan and although you may suspect otherwise, we get along really well during football season. We even watch the FL/FSU game together...sometimes...

Now, you ask what does the story on Jayski have to do with NASCAR? A lot actually. Talladega Superspeedway President Rick Humphrey and Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage have quite a "friendly" bet going on over the outcome of tonights big game (ABC 8:00pm for those of you who don't already know). Up for grabs?? A weekend's worth of bragging rights as the winning track's flag flies over the loser's track and a catered meal for the victorious track (Dega is supplying Dreamland Ribs while Texas is offering a shipment of Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse beef brisket). And here's the kicker.....the losing track president will have to wear a golf shirt and hat of the winning team.

In case you were curious Elliot Sadler is pulling for Bama according to his twitter account @Elliot_Sadler: Headed to charlotte got some meetings today. Def gonna watch game tonight. Staying with SEC. Roll tide

I think instead of a golf shirt, the "loser" would look much better in a Halftime Designs Bamatini or Longhorntini shirt!! What do you think? I would be more than happy to send one their way (or maybe one for their wives)!! :)

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