Friday, February 12, 2010

A Fast Lap with Tony Stewart

With our past experiences in NASCAR, we have had the exciting opportunity to meet quite a few VIP's...but interviewing two time Sprint Cup Champion and NASCAR Bad Boy Tony Stewart was a chance of a lifetime. Although we were a little nervous going in, Tony was kind, patient, and the best interview we have had to date.

When we started to explain to Tony what the concept of our website was NASCAR for women with all their teeth and a touch of Fashion...he responded a fashion what? a fashion NASCAR site? HUH? He told us he has NO fashion sense whatsoever, and we need to get a credit card and go shopping with him. He credited his ex girlfriends and their still good standing relationships for keeping him clothed fashionably.

He told us about his upcoming designs for his Smoke by Tony Stewart fashion line. After hearing the initial concepts, which he promises will not be loud and proud NASCAR wear, we are looking forward to seeing it and hearing more about it.

So here is what you all have been waiting for, our Fast Lap with Tony Stewart!!

Both of us are cat owners and have to know, how on Earth do you travel with your cats?
Really easy, I have two boys that are brothers. Since day one, they have traveled with me and are somewhat used to it, and although one doesnt really like to travel once you get them to the weekend they are fine. They are easy...they are cats, make sure they have food and water and their litterbox is clean and I dont have to worry about it...

What one moment has star struck you the most?
Ill tell you someone I would like to meet but haven't met yet is Burt Reynolds. My favorite movie of all time is Smokey the Bandit (the original one) I even have a '79 Trans Am Smokey and the Bandit edition, so I would love to meet Burt Reynolds. I have met and am friends with Kid Rock and Diamond Rio. I met Matthew McConaughey last year when he was the Grand Marshall. This weekend when you come to the race there is gonna be a ton of celebrities there, professional athletes and entertainment industry-that part of it makes it pretty cool for us.

If you can have dinner and drinks with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Charlize Theron, preferably fresh off a divorce

We have 2500+ followers on Twitter and we asked them what they wanted us to ask thing that came back a lot is why aren't you on Twitter?

Honestly?? Its good for people that can keep up with that, but if I had the time to Twitter properly, there is something work wise I should probably be doing. I think the technology side is cool, that side of it is awesome but I barely got on Facebook within the last year. I am one of those guys who is always a step behind in that category. I honestly don't want everyone to know what I am doing every minute of the day. If you have that much time to be doing that you probably have time to be doing something else more productive.

Do you have any pre-race traditions?

Before the race, I like to be by myself. Its kind of the calm before the storm I call it. I like to have a good lunch, I eat a steak before the race-something that is gonna last the 3 or 4 hour race. Relax and be by myself.

We hear your building a new home. What was the most important feature you put in the house?

I got a gigantic fish tank in there, its 12 feet tall by 10 feet tall. That is probably the coolest thing I have in there. Its freshwater and probably will be the most impressive thing in there.

When will it be completed?

By the middle of next summer

Is it in NC??

No, its in Indiana.

You're always upfront and totally honest with the media and your emotions. We believe you are the only driver that can get away with this. Why do you think that is?

You learn to fight the fights that are worth fighting. You can be honest but you just have to be conscious about how you do it. People want to hear honesty whether its popular or not, but you just have to try to not be abrasive with how you say it. How I can get away with it is I have cool sponsors that let me do it. Office Depot before we started together, that is what they liked about me. I am open about my thoughts and my passion for the sport. They realize as a corporate sponsor that fans aren't so excited about drivers that are politically correct anymore. They wanted someone who could show their emotions. Office Depot, Old Spice, Coca Cola, The US Army, Burger King, Tornados, all these companies-if it was totally wrong all these corporations wouldn't want to be a part of what we are doing. So, it makes you feel good that you have partners I think we have gotten good at getting our point across without getting everyone upset doing it.

We think that this is why you are someone's favorite driver because you speak your mind, and that there is a fine line between getting your point across and you seem to do it pretty eloquently....

Well, if you screw up enough times you are bound to get it right! Its hard, I remember when I left home my buddies said dont forget where you came from. I have always struggled to be me, the hard part for me was saying Ok, Listen I could still be me but this is who I am on the professional side too and no matter how much I want to be me on the personal side, this is who I am over here... you have to play two roles. Today I have to play a different role than tonight when I will be with my buddies playing cards. You learn how to do that, you can show people you still know who you are on this side but you can still show them how you are on the other side. I think people appreciate that.


Ronda said...

Wonderful interview girls! I am sure you were excited to sit down with Tony.

Ann said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Tony is my favorite and it is fun to live vicariously through you!

Allyson said...

He travels with his kitties?! I am truly amazed and no wonder he's my favorite driver! :)

CorinnaB said...

oh you girls are sooo fabulous!!!
I LOVED this interview!
Keep up the awesome work :)