Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures and Thoughts from the Gatorade Duels

One thing I love about the Friday after the Duels is its a good chance to relax...if you want to go to the track during the day you can, but it gives you a chance to regroup and get your stuff together before tonights Truck race.
Here are some pictures we took yesterday from different vantage points like Pit Road and the Daytona 500 club that you might enjoy. If you have some extra cash this race week, or if you know peeps (thanks RB) why dont you check out the Daytona 500 club? Fun!

Jamie McMurray, a more cheerful collaboration for Bass Pro we promise...he even THANKED his pit crew pre-race!

Mrs Jeff Gordon with Ella carefully covered her baby bump on Pit Road

Ok, I'm not a professional but this is a good picture haha

Kasey Kahne in Victory Lane

The World's Biggest #9 Fan A.J. (too cute not to repost)

So what did you all think of the race. Michael Waltrip put it best, if you dont think Daytona is good for racing, you dont know what you are talking about! Great second race finish! It was inches! And of course yayayayayayayayayay to our friend Tommy Baldwin and his driver Mike Bliss for making it in! You rock!

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