Thursday, April 22, 2010

JC France's drug charges are dropped, in other obvious news...the world is round

Hi Kids, I know that we have been missing in action but how can I not blog about such local goodness?? In today's, Daytona Beach News Journal...breaking news!! The Nation is out of the recession?? They found Bin Laden?? Oh no!! Miraculously, JC France has had his drug charges dropped and his Grand AM license has been reinstated. Are you cuss word kidding me? The News Journal reports....
"All the evidence that Daytona Beach police piled up against France was thrown out because of a jurisdictional technicality."

Well, there you go...justice is served! Please check out the readers comments, its worth a giggle! If you missed the gem of why he was arrested in the first place, enjoy!!

See you soon, (we promise)

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