Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Office Depot Tony Stewart Chair winner #2

Congrats to Tom from Wilmington, NC, as he is the second winner in our signed Tony Stewart Office Depot Chair giveaway.
Tom's office is full of Office Depot Tony Stewart Garb, including but not limited to #14 trash can, #14 clock, & life sized Tony Stewart cutout, #14 Fat Heads, Banners and die casts. BUT what you don't see in this photo is a Tony Stewart's left rear tire from the first race Tom ever attended. It used to be mounted on his wall, but the smell was to strong that he is currently having it encased in plexiglass.

Tom's office is very tastefully put together and not over the top. We think the chair will look FAB in there! Now all he needs is a Tony Stewart ceiling fan and he will be all set.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest and stay tuned for the next giveaway from the Fashionistas!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jamie McMurray is our new hero

One thing we have always done on this blog is try our hardest to be impartial to all NASCAR teams and drivers. Sure, we have our childhood favorites, drivers we were brought up to like according to our parents preferences and as adults, and teams we have grown to love.

One team (pun intended) that we have the softest spot for is that of the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevy team, originally operated by Dale Earnhardt Inc. We have watched over the past few years as friends of ours have gone different directions through the mergers of Ginn Racing and with Chip Ganassi to form Earnhardt Ganassi Racing.

The last time we felt this similar swell of pride was when Martin Truex Jr. claimed the pole for the 09 Daytona 500 while driving for the #1 team. Its just a good feeling to see your friends who work so hard behind the scenes reap the benefits. Late last year, MTJ announced his plans to leave EGR to join up with Michael Waltrip Racing. When the news came across that Jamie McMurray was filling the drivers seat, we were happily anticipating a great 2010.

But we weren't expecting this

One of the first thing Jamie said after the win was, "I want to get with my team." How could you not watch the end of this race and fall in love with Jamie and the passion of this sport? Jamie, we couldn't be happier to see you join forces with our friends on the #1 team. The respect and gratitude you have shown to your team that we have witnessed over the last two weeks is a breath of fresh air for these boys. Congrats on winning the 2010 Daytona 500, the Super Bowl of NASCAR. And PS, you need teach Bono how to open and spray a bottle of champagne so he is ready for your next win!

Office Depot Tony Stewart Chair winner #1

Tonight, we would like to announce the first winner of the Office Depot Tony Stewart signed chair contest.....

And the chair goes to: Ashley!!

Here are some of the highlights of her home office.

Ashley's office is complete with collectibles from his #14 car including Office Depot, Old Spice and Burger King as well as when Tony raced the #20 Home Depot. There are many 1:24,1:64 and 1:87 cars including but not limited to a autographed 1:24 scale Burger King car. Actual lug nuts from Smoke's car. Not included in this photo are the 500+ trading cars acquired over more than 10 years of trading, more 1:24 scale cars due to lack of space. They are currently building a "Smoke Pit", a room they are building for ALL of their Smoke propaganda.

Congrats Ashley!!!!! We will announce the winner of chair number 2 tomorrow!